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Part of being a primary producer is keeping up with the latest technologies, procedures and products that will allow you to run the most efficient and profitable enterprise possible. It’s just something that you have to do. Farming technique has been out of the dark ages for a very long time, but despite all of the amazing technology right at our fingertips we still find places where traditional farming practices are strangling the use of new innovations. We don’t believe in technology for technology's sake, but farmers who have not embraced the opportunities that science provides are costing themselves untold amounts every season. At Optima Agriculture we’re committed to working with you to help you implement better, more effective practices that will eliminate unnecessary losses and deliver a brighter, more profitable future.

  • Proven Results & Research

    Our dedication to researching and formulating the best possible liming products has given us the ability to deliver proven results to our customers.

  • Testimonials

    What the farmers are saying. We don’t want you to just to take our word for it.

  • Lime Management Plan

    5 simple steps that we can help you follow to ensure that you’re getting the best program in place from the get-go.

What the Farmers are saying

  • Working with Optima Agriculture has helped me learn much more about my soils. I have found their field days to be really worthwhile attending and their staff are knowledgeable...

    Noel Miguel of Beacon, WA

  • We see CalSap as a tool that will help us get a liming effect in the sub-soil quicker...

    Dennis and Paul Turner of Ravensthorpe, WA

  • We persevered until 2015 when we decided to try some CalSap and liquid Phosphate product from Optima last year...

    Clint Della Bosca of Southern Cross, WA

  • After 10 years, I continue to use CalSap as the base of my soil sustainability program, which I use in conjunction with a nutrient management plan...

    Ben Scaravilli of Perth Hills, WA (Apple and Stone Fruit Producer)

  • CalSap is easy to use as a monthly maintenance tool and easy to apply...

    David Phelps of Toongabbie BC & Dundas BC (Greenkeeper)

  • Since incorporating CalSap into our maintenance program we have noticed improved water penetration and a significant drop in sodium and salinity in our latest soil tests...

    Brad Morcomb of Goonawarra, GC (Superintendent)

  • I would recommend CalSap Turf to anyone looking at options for sodium issues...

    Darren Peebles of Bondi Golf Club (Superintendent)