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A resource with unique and beneficial properties

Our limesand resource at Boranup is unique to the area and indeed displays distinct characteristics from other lime sand resources. Known as "Neil's Pit", after the man who discovered and pegged the resource in the 1970's, it is rewarding to bring this high quality option to market after the painstaking process of ensuring mining extraction would be harmonious with the surrounding local and tourist activities.


  • Ideally located to save growers in the SouthWest, Great Southern and Southern Wheatbelt seeking limesand from costly freight to Lancelin.
  • Convenient backload after delivering grain to Bunbury or the many local agricultural operations that receipt bulk grain.
  • Physical properties show excellent performance in typical online "Lime Calculators" such as those shown at and recommended by WA Department of Agriculture 
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  • RAV4 network access for AMMS accredited transport combination.
  • Unique reactivity due to exceptional particle sizing and geomorphology, overcoming speed of reaction shortcomings typically seen in limesand.
  • See opposite: Photo showing reactivity of the Boranup lime sand from Neil’s pit (RHS in both photo’s) compared to Lancelin lime sand. The yellow is solution pH 4 that turns blue at pH 7 to show the faster neutralizing effect. One gram of lime is added to the 200mls of solution (represents 1 T/Ha)
LimeSand Boranup 30 Seconds.Perth LimeSand Boranup 60 Seconds + Stir


Boranup Map

Neil's Pit
Caves Road, Boranup 6286
*Currently Available from Cowaramup Depot*

*Contact your Optima Agriculture agent for details* 

What the Farmers are saying

  • Working with Optima Agriculture has helped me learn much more about my soils. I have found their field days to be really worthwhile attending and their staff are knowledgeable...

    Noel Miguel of Beacon, WA

  • We see CalSap as a tool that will help us get a liming effect in the sub-soil quicker...

    Dennis and Paul Turner of Ravensthorpe, WA

  • We persevered until 2015 when we decided to try some CalSap and liquid Phosphate product from Optima last year...

    Clint Della Bosca of Southern Cross, WA

  • After 10 years, I continue to use CalSap as the base of my soil sustainability program, which I use in conjunction with a nutrient management plan...

    Ben Scaravilli of Perth Hills, WA (Apple and Stone Fruit Producer)

  • CalSap is easy to use as a monthly maintenance tool and easy to apply...

    David Phelps of Toongabbie BC & Dundas BC (Greenkeeper)

  • Since incorporating CalSap into our maintenance program we have noticed improved water penetration and a significant drop in sodium and salinity in our latest soil tests...

    Brad Morcomb of Goonawarra, GC (Superintendent)

  • I would recommend CalSap Turf to anyone looking at options for sodium issues...

    Darren Peebles of Bondi Golf Club (Superintendent)